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#207 : Histoire parallèle

Titre VO :
The other 48 days
Titre VF : Histoire parallèle/Les autres 48 jours
Centric sur :  Les survivants présents de l'autre côté de l'île
Diffusion USA : 16/11/2005
Diffusion France : 05/08/2006
Guest Stars : Sam Anderson (Bernard), Kimberley Joseph (Cindy) , Brett Cullen (Goodwin), Josh Randall (Nathan), Glenn Lehmann (Donald), Kiersten Havelock (Emma), Mickey Graue (Zack)

Résumé court :

Cet épisode est un retour en arrière de 48 jours. Il raconte l'histoire des survivants de la queue de l'avion. On y retrouve Ana Lucia, Eko, Bernard et Libby, mais on apprend aussi qu'ils ont été menacés dès le départ par "Les Autres" qui ont kidnappé certains des leurs, et infiltré leur groupe. En effet, Ana soupçonne un membre du groupe de communiquer des informations aux "Autres"..., Goodwin !

L'épisode s'arrête là où s'était arrété le précédent, à savoir à la mort de Shannon dans la jungle. Retrouvaille inattendue entre Sayid, avec Jin, Michael et Sawyer.


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207 - La mort de Shannon

207 - La mort de Shannon


207 - Le crash, version queue de l'avion

207 - Le crash, version queue de l'avion


207 - Trailer

207 - Trailer


207 - Trailer n°2

207 - Trailer n°2


Plus de détails

[The tail section of the plane crashes into the water near the beach.]

[Day 1]

[General chaos of people struggling to make it to the beach. Then we see Ana break the surface and take a deep breath. Other survivors are on the beach and in the water. Ana swims for shore. Eko drags a woman out of the ocean. Ana swims out to help. Eko carries a boy, Zack, out of the water.]

Zack: Emma -- my sister, my sister. Emma! Emma!

[Eko goes back in the water to rescue Emma and brings her to the beach. Ana sees her and leaves a man lying on the beach to go to help with Emma.]

Ana-Lucia: I'll be right back.

Eko: She's not breathing.

[Ana begins CPR. Eko sees the boy watching.]

Eko: Come with me.

[The boy drops his teddy bear by his sister while Ana administers chest compressions on Emma.]

Eko: [to the boy]
Don't look. She will be fine.

[Emma spits up water and regain consciousness.]

Ana-Lucia: Good, let it out. You okay?

Emma: Where's my mom?

Ana-Lucia: I don't know.

Emma: She's meeting us in Los Angeles.

Yelling Man: Help! Help! Anybody see my wife?

Ana-Lucia: We're not there yet. I promise, we're going to get you home soon, okay.

[Scene of general chaos and yelling on the beach.]

[Cindy on the beach looking tired.]

Eko: Excuse me, would you look after the children? There is something I have to do.

Cindy: Uh, okay.

Eko: [to Emma]
Stay with this nice woman. I'll be back in a minute.

[Eko starts hauling dead bodies out of the ocean. Scene switches to Libby caring for a man with a badly broken leg.]

Donald: Ow, my leg, my leg! Is it bad? It's bad, isn't it?

Libby: No, it's not that bad. I broke my leg skiing up at Stowe in Vermont. I was on this run -- going pretty fast -- I was racing this cute ski patrol guy. I went off this mogul, lost my edge and, bam!

[Libby twists the guy's leg to try to set the bone. He screams. Ana looks on, shocked. The guy passes out.]

Libby: Snapped my left leg. Now that -- that was bad.

Ana-Lucia: You a doctor?

Libby: A year of med school before I dropped out. I'm a clinical psychologist. You saved that girl's life -- you a doctor?

Ana-Lucia: No.

Goodwin: [appearing]
Help! There's somebody in the jungle, come on.

[Ana runs to help.]

Bernard: Help! Please help me. Help! Help!

[Bernard is strapped into an airline seat, sitting next to a dead guy. The seats are precariously perched in a tree.]

Goodwin: We should climb up there -- I'll hold him steady, you pull him...

Ana-Lucia: No, wait. [yelling to Bernard] What's your name?

Bernard: Bernard!

Ana-Lucia: You're going to be alright, Bernard. I need you to unbuckle your seat belt and grab the branch next to you.

Bernard: [referring to the guy next to him]
Is he dead? I think he's dead.

Goodwin: We should climb up there.

Ana-Lucia: No. [to Bernard] I need you to focus, Bernard. Unbuckle your seatbelt. [He does so, shakily] Now grab the branch next to you.

Bernard: I don't think I can do that.

Ana-Lucia: Those seats are going to fall.

[Bernard reaches for the tree.]

Ana-Lucia: Come on, you can do it. Bernard!

[The seats fall to the ground. We see Bernard clinging to the tree.]

Ana-Lucia: Alright, hold on tight, okay. I'm coming up to get you.

[Back on the beach.]

Libby: Does anybody have any water?

[Goodwin trying to start a fire with a hand drill type device.]

Ana-Lucia: [entering]: You couldn't find any matches?

Goodwin: Dry ones? You can ask around but I couldn't find any. It'll be dark soon, let me get a signal fire started so they can find us.

Ana-Lucia: What are you, a boy scout?

Goodwin: Grown up version -- I'm in the Peace Corps.

Ana-Lucia: They still have that?

Goodwin: I'm just happy somebody your age actually knows what it is.

Ana-Lucia: What's your name?

Goodwin: Goodwin.

Ana-Lucia: I'm Ana-Lucia.

[Scene switches to night, around a fire at the beach. Bernard approaches Eko, who's off by himself a little ways.]

Bernard: I heard that you were the one who pulled the dead bodies out of the water.

Eko: Yes.

Bernard: Were any of them African-American?

Eko: No.

Bernard: Because my wife -- I can't find her.

Eko: I will pray for her.

Bernard: Where the hell are the rescue planes?

Eko: I will pray for them, too.

[At the beach, everyone is sleeping. We hear strange noises and people awaken.]

Ana-Lucia: What was that?

[Goodwin grabs a stick out of the fire and runs.]

Ana-Lucia: Libby, watch the kids.

Goodwin: Over here.

Libby: [to the kids]: It's alright. It'll be okay.

[Ana and Goodwin come upon a bloody Eko and two dead bodies.]

Ana-Lucia: What happened?

[Eko shows he has killed them with a big rock.]

[Day 2]

[Eko looks upset. Ana examines the bodies.]

Ana-Lucia: No wallets, no cell phone, no keys. Nothing.

[Eko, off to himself at the shore, takes off his bloody shirt.]

Ana-Lucia: [to Eko]
Hey, are you okay?

[Eko says nothing.]

Nathan: [entering]
Look, 3 of the people are missing -- the blond guy, the curly-haired guy, and the German who was helping us with the injured.

Ana-Lucia: Did you see anything?

Nathan: No, I didn't.

Ana-Lucia: Where did they come from? How many there were?

Nathan: No, I didn't see anything. Who are these people?

Ana-Lucia: I don't know. They're out here in the jungle with no shoes, nothing in their pockets, no labels on their clothes. These people were here before us.

[Eko is fashioning a walking stick/club while Ana speaks.]

Ana-Lucia: We need to get off the beach. We need to find a safer place.

Nathan: We've got kids and people that are seriously hurt. Where are we going to go? How are we going to move them? And what about the signal fire? How are we going to get rescued if we're off the beach?

Goodwin: Nathan's right.

Ana-Lucia: They have satellites -- the black box -- we don't need a fire for them to find us.

Cindy: Yes, we do. Before the crash, the pilot said we'd lost communication; we were turning back. We were flying for two hours in the wrong direction. They don't know where to look.

[Day 3]

[Goodwin trying to open some shellfish. Other people on the beach collecting shellfish. Ana removing the arms of her leather jacket.]

Libby: It's Donald, his leg. The infection is getting worse. He'll be the 4th to go.

Ana-Lucia: What are we supposed to do about that?

[Day 5]

[Donald gets buried amongst other graves at the beach.

[Day 7]

[The castaways catch a chicken. Eko is off by himself carving something into his club.]

Libby: [sitting down next to Eko]
Would you like some chicken? You haven't said a word in a week. Why aren't you talking? Hey, it wasn't your fault, you know. You were just defending yourself.

[Day 12]

[Ana trying to create a sharp edge on a wooden weapon.]

Goodwin: That'll work.

Ana-Lucia: Eh, I heard a pig or something out there. Maybe we can have some bacon tomorrow. [She looks at the kids, and notices Goodwin staring at her] What?

[Nathan comes from the jungle to the beach.]

Ana-Lucia: Where were you?

Nathan: I had to go to the bathroom.

Ana-Lucia: We have a system for that. We go in pairs.

Nathan: Yeah, sorry.

[At night on the beach, a roaring fire. Everybody sleeping. The camp is attacked and the kids and some adults are taken.]

Unknown Voice: Behind you! Behind you!

Emma: Help us, please!

Libby: The kids, they took the kids.

[Ana charges one of the attackers and hits her with a rock.]

Libby: Nancy's gone. They're gone.

Ana-Lucia: Which way did they go? Which way did they go?!! [Grabbing the "other" she just hit with a rock] Wake up! Wake up!! Who are you? Talk to me. Wake up!

Goodwin: She's dead. She's dead.

[Ana starts going through her clothes.]

Goodwin: What are you doing? [Ana finds a knife] Is that a knife?

[Ana finds a piece of paper and unfolds it.]

Goodwin: What is that?

Ana-Lucia: It's a list.

Libby: A list of what?

Ana-Lucia: 9 -- of us.

[On the beach.]

Ana-Lucia: [to Eko]
Nothing? They drag 9 people into the jungle -- the kids -- and there's no sign of them? [Eko doesn't speak] Now's not a good time to talk? What needs to happen to make you say something?!

Nathan: Hey, calm down, let's figure this out.

Ana-Lucia: Calm down? Let's figure this out? Here are the names of every single person they took -- all 9 of them -- what they were wearing -- what they look like -- one of them had a list of us.

Nathan: They could have gotten our names from the people they already took.

Ana-Lucia: Nobody knew anybody's names the first night.

Nathan: Maybe they're watching us?

Ana-Lucia: You were gone for 2 hours yesterday.

Nathan: What?

Ana-Lucia: Where were you?

Nathan: I was going to the bathroom.

Goodwin: Hey, stop! We're all scared. Let's not get paranoid here. We don't know anything.

Bernard: He's right. Why would they try to infiltrate us -- that's crazy.

Libby: Well, whoever they are they know we are here. We need to leave this beach.

Ana-Lucia: [to Goodwin]
You said we needed to keep the signal fire burning.

Goodwin: I think it's time we let it go out.

[Day 15]

[Trekking through the woods. They stop at a stream.]

Ana-Lucia: 5 minutes.

Bernard: We've been walking for 3 days straight, Ana.

Ana-Lucia: And you're still here. 5 minutes.

Nathan: You know what? You want to keep walking, go ahead -- fresh water -- rock wall at our backs -- lots of fruit trees -- right here looks pretty good to me.

Ana-Lucia: Fine, okay. This'll work.

[Day 17]

[Ana digging out the pit.]

Libby: [entering]

Ana-Lucia: Hey.

Libby: Back at the beach -- the night they came back -- you said that Nathan was gone for 2 hours? That he was missing? Creeps me out, Ana. Do you really think it's possible that one of us is one of them?

Ana-Lucia: Why do you think I'm digging this hole?

[Day 19]

[Bernard and Nathan setting a trap.]

Bernard: Are we really going to be able to catch rabbits with this?

Nathan: Oh yeah, give me another stick.

Bernard: [to Ana, entering]
Oh, hey, Ana.

[Ana kicks Nathan in the head and knocks him out.]

Bernard: Ana?!

[Ana carries Nathan to the pit and throws him in.]

Nathan: What are you doing?

Ana-Lucia: You and I are going to have little talk, Nathan.

Nathan: You, let me out of here right now. You let me out. You let me out!

[Ana closes the pit cover.]

Ana-Lucia: He wasn't on the plane.

Bernard: What?

Ana-Lucia: We were in the air for 2 hours -- I didn't see him once -- not once.

Goodwin: It's a big plane, Ana, just because you didn't...

Cindy: No, I didn't see him either. I'm pretty good with faces, you know, with the passengers, and I did not see him.

Goodwin: You're not all serious.

Libby: He never talks about himself, Nathan. Every time I ask him anything, he just dodges.

Bernard: No, if he really were one of them why would he still be here?

Ana-Lucia: I don't know, but I'm going to find out.

Nathan: [faintly in the background]
Will you let me out, Ana?

Ana-Lucia: [to Eko]
You got a problem with this?

Nathan: [faintly in the background]
What are you doing? Let me out.

[Night time. Ana opens the cover of the pit.]

Ana-Lucia: Where are the kids? Where are the kids? Where are you from, Nathan?

Nathan: Canada.

Ana-Lucia: What were you doing in Australia?

Nathan: Company retreat.

Ana-Lucia: Where are they?

Nathan: What?

Ana-Lucia: The rest of your retreat -- where are they?

Nathan: They weren't on the plane. I stayed a couple extra days to sight-see.

Ana-Lucia: How come nobody saw you on the plane, Nathan?

Nathan: I was in the lavatory.

Ana-Lucia: For 2 hours?

Nathan: I don't remember seeing you on the plane, Ana-Lucia.

Ana-Lucia: That's because you weren't on it.

[Ana replaces the cover on the pit.]

[Day 23]

[Back at the pit.]

Ana-Lucia: Where are the kids, Nathan? Where are the kids? Not talking to me anymore? What's that behind you? Get up! [Ana throws a rock] I said get up! [Some banana skins are revealed.]

Ana-Lucia: [to the rest of the group]
Who gave him food?

Cindy: What happened?

Ana-Lucia: I'm trying to find out what they did to us. [To Bernard] And you're taking care of him?

Bernard: I didn't do anything. And what if you're wrong, Ana? We don't even know if there is a spy.

Ana-Lucia: Whose idea was it to stay at the beach where they could pick us off one by one -- his -- Nathan's.

Libby: Well, they haven't come since you put him in there.

Ana-Lucia: Who did it?

[Eko enters.]

Ana-Lucia: You?

[Eko doesn't speak and walks off.]

[Ana drinking at the river. Goodwin joins her.]

Goodwin: I'm worried about you, Ana. You've had him down there 4 days.

Ana-Lucia: I promised that little girl that I would get her back home to her mom.

Goodwin: Do you have any kids, Ana?

Ana-Lucia: No.

Goodwin: We should let him go. We're not savages.

Ana-Lucia: If I were a savage I would have cut off his finger already. That's tomorrow.

[At night. Goodwin opens the pit.]

Goodwin: Grab the rope. I'll pull you up. [He pulls Nathan up] Ana-Lucia's -- I think we all think that she's going to hurt you. Now, you need to get away from here. [He hands Nathan a package wrapped in leaves] There's some fruit in there, now just go.

Nathan: Which way's the beach?

Goodwin: That way, maybe 5 miles.

[Nathan starts to leave and Goodwin breaks his neck.]

[Day 24]

[Ana wakes up on the beach. Goodwin is lying beside her, watching her.]

Goodwin: Morning.

Ana-Lucia: Morning.

Cindy: [running into camp]
Ana-Lucia, he's gone.

Ana-Lucia: What?

Cindy: He's gone. Nathan's gone.

[Everyone heads to the pit to take a look.]

Bernard: Ana, what are you going to do?

Ana-Lucia: They found us, it's time to move.

[Day 26]

[Walking through the jungle. They come to the ocean.]

[Day 27]

[They find the hatch door.]

Cindy: What is it?

Ana-Lucia: I don't know -- some sort of bunker.

Libby: Do you think it's theirs?

[Eko goes toward the door.]

Ana-Lucia: What are you doing?

[Eko opens the door. They see the Dharma Arrow logo.]

Libby: What is this place?

Goodwin: It looks like some sort of storage facility.

[Ana finds a control panel and turns on the lights.]

Ana-Lucia: Hey, come over here.

[They find a chest and open it. Something falls out.]

Ana-Lucia: What was that? Get it.

[They find a bible and some blankets.]

Bernard: What else in here?

Libby: [finding the thing that fell]
It's a glass eye.

Bernard: [holding a radio]
Look at this. It's a radio.

[Outside, Bernard tries the radio.]

Bernard: Hello? Hello, can anybody hear me?

Goodwin: [grabbing the radio]
The hills are blocking it. If we want a signal we need to get to higher ground. I'll do it.

Ana-Lucia: I'll go with you.

Goodwin: Nah, you should stay here, Ana -- get this place set up as a shelter.

Ana-Lucia: We can all get it set up. We can make it back in a couple of hours, let's go.

[Ana and Goodwin hiking to higher ground.]

Ana-Lucia: Why do you think they're doing this?

Goodwin: Why do I think who's doing what?

Ana-Lucia: Them. Don't you ever wonder why they attack us?

Goodwin: Maybe they're not attacking us.

Ana-Lucia: Yeah, they just drag us into the jungle every now and then -- no real harm done.

Goodwin: Good point.

Ana-Lucia: Why do you think they take some of us and not the others?

Goodwin: That first night they took the strongest of us -- our quiet friend -- three other guys. They're all athletic, tough, threats.

Ana-Lucia: They didn't take you.

Goodwin: Guess they changed their plan after two of them got killed. Want to take a break?

Ana-Lucia: Yeah, that's a good idea.

Goodwin: Can I have the knife?

[He takes out a mango and Ana hands him the knife. He gives Ana a piece of mango.]

Ana-Lucia: Thank you. Where do you think they got it? I mean, they don't even wear shoes. How'd they get an army knife?

Goodwin: Sorry?

Ana-Lucia: The knife -- it's U.S. military. Here [she reaches for the knife] I'll show you. You see the tang stamp? [We see a U.S. Army stamp] This knife's probably 20 years old. You don't see these anymore, yet here it is, on this island. Weird, huh? Can I ask you something?

Goodwin: Sure, Ana.

Ana-Lucia: When you ran out of the jungle the day of the crash -- how did you find Bernard up in the tree?

Goodwin: I heard him shouting from the beach.

Ana-Lucia: From the beach?

Goodwin: Why are you asking me about that, Ana?

Ana-Lucia: Did he see you out there? Is that why you pretended to be one of us? You ran out of the jungle 10 minutes after the crash, you weren't wet. You were never even in the ocean. Where are they -- your friends? Nathan -- what did you...

Goodwin: If you had cut off his finger and he still told you he was on the plane, I think maybe you would have started to believe you had the wrong guy.

Ana-Lucia: Did you kill him?

Goodwin: Nathan was not a good person. That's why he wasn't on the list.

Ana-Lucia: What about the kids? Did you kill them, too?

Goodwin: Children are fine. They're better off now.

[Ana and Goodwin struggle. They fall down a hill and Ana impales him as he falls. Ana heads back to camp.]

Cindy: Where's Goodwin?

Ana-Lucia: We're safe here now.

[Day 41]

[Bernard tries the radio again.]

Ana-Lucia: Why are you wasting your time with that thing? There's no signal.

Bernard: I only turn it on a couple minutes a day. It really doesn't...

Boone: [on the radio]
Hello. Hello, anybody out there? Mayday. Mayday.

Bernard: Is there someone there?

Boone: Hello! Hello!

Cindy: Who is that? Oh my god!

Boone: Can you hear me?

Bernard: Repeat your transmission, please.

Boone: Hello. We're survivors of the crash of Oceanic flight 815. Please copy.

Bernard: We're the survivors of flight 815.

[Ana takes the radio.]

Bernard: No, wait a minute. What are you doing?

Ana-Lucia: It's them. [She turns the radio off] It's them. They're trying to draw us out -- trying to find us.

Bernard: No, he said 815; he said flight 815.

Ana-Lucia: They know our flight number because Goodwin knew our flight number.

Bernard: What if there really are other survivors out there?

Ana-Lucia: There are no survivors. This is our life now. Get used to it.

[Ana sitting at the stream crying. Eko sees her.]

Ana-Lucia: What are you looking at?

Eko: Going to be okay.

Ana-Lucia: What, you're talking now?

Eko: It's been 40 days.

Ana-Lucia: You've been waiting 40 days to talk?

Eko: You waited 40 days to cry.

[Day 45]

[On the beach, Cindy sees Jin's body in the surf.]

Cindy: Libby.

[Cindy and Libby get Jin out of the water.]

Cindy: Turn him over.

Libby: Is he alive? Get Ana-Lucia, quick!

[Jin is tied to a tree and blindfolded. Eko removes the blindfold.]

Eko: Who are you? Where are you from?

Jin: [says something in Korean]

[Scene switches the group talking.]

Bernard: He doesn't even speak English.

Ana-Lucia: That doesn't mean anything.

Cindy: Ana, we found him in the water.

Ana-Lucia: He has a broken hand cuff on his wrist.

Eko: I'm not sure that he's a threat.

[Jin breaks free and runs to the beach.]

Ana-Lucia: He's running!

Jin: [coming to the beach]
Michael, Sawyer!!

Sawyer: Jin!

Jin: Others! Others! Others!

[There's a montage of Sawyer, Michael, and Jin being thrown into the pit. Then we see Ana and Eko talking.]

Ana-Lucia: Hit me.

Eko: Hit you?

Ana-Lucia: You think they're okay? Let's find out. Hit me.

[Montage of scenes with Ana in the pit.]

[Day 46]

[Scenes of them getting out of pit, going into the bunker.]

[Day 47]

[Scenes them walking in the jungle and on the beach. Sawyer in the stretcher.]

[Day 48]

[Black screen with the sounds of a storm and Ana asking "where's Cindy?" They hear the whispers. We see Ana shoot Shannon.]

Michael: What was that?

[Reactions shots to the shooting.]


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cartegold  (14.11.2020 à 09:29)

Je n'ai pas accroché avec cet épisode, trop de répétitions, même si en soit l'idée n'est pas mauvaise. 

Idem, je n'accroche pas avec les nouveaux et encore moins avec Ana Lucia !

stephe  (08.06.2019 à 18:22)
Message édité : 08.06.2019 à 18:23

Intéressant de revenir sur les moments d'Ana Lucia & cie mais j'ai du mal à m'attacher à ces nouveaux personnages!

Et puis la fin avec Shannon ;((

Ne manque pas...

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