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#508 : Monsieur LaFleur

Titre en VO :
Titre en VF : Monsieur LaFleur
Centric sur : Sawyer
Diffusion USA : 04/03/2009
Diffusion France : 09/09/09
Guest Stars : Nestor Carbonell (Richard Alpert), Doug Hutchison (Horace Goodspeed), Reiko Aylesworth (Amy), Christopher Jaymes (docteur), Kevin Rankin (Jerry), Patrick Fischler (Phil), Molly McGivern (Rosie), Carla Buscaglia (Heather) 

Résumé court : 

Sawyer, Juliet, Jin, Daniel et Miles se sont intégrés à l'Initiative Dharma et vivent avec eux depuis 3 ans. Ils sont bloqués dans les années 70, époque à laquelle les gens de la Dharma vivent un statu quo avec les autochtones de l'île, dont Richard.

Sawyer fera tout son possible pour que Jack, Kate, Hurley s'intègrent comme eux, et qu'ils n'attirent pas l'attention. Quant à Sayid, il est prisonnier et Sawyer fera au mieux, mais se trouvera dans une délicate situation.


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Titre VO

Titre VF
Monsieur LaFleur

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Plus de détails

Trois ans se sont écoulés pour Sawyer, Juliet, Miles et Jin. Après que Sawyer ait convaincu Juliet de rester sur l'île, ils se sont intégrés aux gens de l'Initiative Dharma des années 70. Sawyer se fait appeler LaFleur et joue les responsables de la sécurité du camp. Il vit une histoire d'amour avec Juliet qui arrive à mettre au monde un nouveau né, le fils de Horace, l'homme qui avait recruté le père de Ben. La malédiction des femmes enceintes ne semble donc pas exister à leur époque.

Ils ont établi une trève avec les autochtones menés par Richard. Ils ont pour interdiction de franchir la barrière, sous peine de représailles.

Sawyer affirme avoir oublié Kate, il dit même ne plus se souvenir de son visage.

Un jour, Sawyer reçoit un appel de Jin. Sawyer cache à Juliet le motif du coup de téléphone et rejoint Jin qui amène avec lui Jack, Hurley et Kate. Face à elle, Sawyer semble bouleversé.

[As the episode commences we are shown the 'Previously on Lost' clips. The clips segue into the episode. Picking up from a time flash where Sawyer is shown holding the rope that went down the well and Miles is telling him that he can let go of the rope. Sawyer looks down and is surprised to see no well, the rope going into the ground and Sawyer feverishly digging around the rope.]

SAWYER: No, no, no. No, no, no.

JULIET: James don't.

SAWYER: Come on. Help me.

[Jin looks on. Juliet stoops to be in eye contact with Sawyer.]

JULIET: James, stop. You can't help him. Wherever John went, he's gone. And where we are is before that well was ever built.

MILES: Yeah. I'd say way before.

[Miles is looking at something in the distance.]

JIN: What makes you…

[Miles interrupts Jin and points to something. Sawyer and Juliet stand and stare. All four are staring at huge stone statue, which rises above the trees. It has tall pointed ears, long hair and appears to be wearing a crown. It is holding something in both hands. The object in the right hand has a loop. The statue is also wearing some sort of skirt. Back at the bottom of the well we see Locke.]

LOCKE: James! Can you hear me? Can anyone hear me?

[Locke looks up and realizes there is no opening to the ground above. He gets to his feet while holding onto the surrounding rocks screaming in agonizing pain from his injured leg. He hobbles over to the wobbling Donkey Wheel and pulls it towards him. The wheel comes free and there is a flash of white, yellow and green light. Above ground, Sawyer, Juliet, Miles and Jin feel the earth strongly shake. There is a flash of light and a high-pitched noise. They all cover their ears with their hands. Back in the well Locke backs up against a wall. Above ground the quartet fall to the ground as a giant flash of white light appears. As the flash ends, we see it is daylight. Miles is holding onto his right temple and is writhing in pain. Sawyer, Juliet and Jin slowly get up.]

JULIET: What the hell was that?

MILES: That one was different. It was [pause] that was more like an earthquake.

[Sawyer looks up and sees the well. He rushes over to it.]

SAWYER: Locke!

JULIET: James, wait!

[Sawyer arrives at the well, grabs the rope on the pulley and leaps over the wall only to find he is standing on the ground. There is no opening to the well. He is standing on rocks. Jin and Miles go over to the well. Sawyer sighs in disgust.]

SAWYER: Great!

[Sawyer sits on the well wall and brings his legs over to the outside.]

JULIET: My headache is gone.

MILES: Yeah, mine is too and my nose isn't bleeding anymore.

[Jin checks his nose. Juliet looks around.

JULIET: [to Sawyer] I think it's over. I think John did it.

[Sawyer looks at Juliet and says nothing. He looks back to the rock filled well. Everyone is looking around, stunned.]

JIN: Now what?

SAWYER: Now we wait for him to come back.

JULIET: For how long?

SAWYER: [long pause] As long as it takes.]


Three Years Later
[A reel to reel tape is being mounted onto a recorder. A man's hand threads the tape then presses 2 buttons. Music starts to play. A man, wearing a Dharma jumpsuit with a star patch, and a woman begin to dance to Candida by Tony Orlando and Dawn. The music has lyrics.]


The stars won't come out
If they know you're about
[A man barges into the room.]

DHARMA MAN 2: Are you kidding me? I'm gone 10 minutes and you're having a hootenanny?

DHARMA MAN 1: Don't be such a bummer, man. Rosie was just dropping off some brownies. You should thank her. [laughs]

[Dharma Man 1 walks to the recorder and shuts it off.]

DHARMA MAN 2: She shouldn't be here Jerry. We're on the clock, man.

JERRY: Mellow out Phil. What, what's gonna happen? Huh? The polar bears are gonna figure a way out of their cages? [laughs]

PHIL: That's not the point. If LaFleur finds out what you're doing…

JERRY: LaFleur's not gonna find out, man.

PHIL:…it's my ass man. I'm the one who's gonna have to answer to him.

[As the 2 men argue Rosie notices something on one of the monitors. She walks closer to get a better look.]

JERRY: Relax man. No one is gonna find out.

ROSIE: Guys? [louder] Guys? What?

[Rosie points to the monitors. There is a man staggering and falling down near a tall pylon. Phil and Jerry rush over. Jerry moves Rosie out of the way and Phil sits down at a console.]


PHIL: Is that a hostile?

JERRY: I don't know.

[Jerry presses a button that reads, "Push To Reset." The monitor zooms in on the staggering man.]

ROSIE: Is that [pause] Horace?

[Horace is staggering and drinking from a bottle. He puts the bottle down on the ground and pulls a stick with a fuse from his backpack. Jerry, Phil and Rosie just watch. Horace puts the stick in his mouth and lights it as if it was a big cigar. He staggers a bit and then throws the lit stick at a tree which promptly blows up.]

JERRY: Oh he's got dynamite.

PHIL: Get her out. Get her out of here now! Now!

[Jerry rushes Rosie to the door.]

JERRY: OK Rosie you gotta get out of here now. Don't tell anybody you were here. Just go, go!

PHIL: I told you not to bring her here. I told you.

JERRY: OK this is bad, this is bad man.

PHIL: We gotta tell LaFleur.

JERRY: 3 in the morning you really want to wake LaFleur up?

PHIL: No, of course not.

JERRY: But maybe, maybe we can handle this ourselves.

PHIL: Maybe before Horace blows himself up and LaFleur kills us for not waking him?

[The 2 men look back at the monitors and see another explosion.]

PHIL: We gotta go now!

[The 2 men run to LaFleur's home As the reach the door they are out of breath.]

PHIL: You wanna knock?

JERRY: You knock.

PHIL: Fine.

[Phil knocks 3 times on the door gingerly. He looks at Jerry then knocks harder 5 times. The lights in the house and on the porch go on.]

LaFLEUR: What?

PHIL: Mr. LaFleur, sorry to bother you but we got a situation out at the pylons.

[The door opens, Phil and Jerry are standing silent looking at Mr. LaFleur.

LaFLEUR: What kind of situation?

JERRY: Uh, it's, uh Horace.

PHIL: He's got dynamite and he's blowing up trees.

[We see that Mr. LaFleur is Sawyer.]

SAWYER: Son of a bitch.

[We see Sawyer pick up a Dharma jumpsuit that also has a star patch and it has embroidered on the pocket under the patch, "LaFleur Head of Security." Sawyer puts on the jumpsuit and heads to the door, exits and closed the door behind him.]

[LOST Logo]

[Miles is rushing out of his house while zipping his jumpsuit. The horn of a VW van is beeping. He puts something in one of the pockets of his jumpsuit.]

MILES: Relax! I'm coming!

[Miles gets into the van. Sawyer is in the driver's seat. He is wearing glasses.]

MILES: Hey boss.

SAWYER: Evening Enos. Got your zapper with you?

MILES: Yup. Wanna tell me why I need it?

[Sawyer starts the van and starts to drive.]

SAWYER: Because our fearless leader is blowing up trees.

MILES: Why is he doing that?

SAWYER: Because he's loaded.

MILES: Since when does Horace drink?

SAWYER: He doesn't so we're gonna keep this on the down low.

[Switch to the pylons. Horace is lying on the ground spread eagle still holding the bottle of booze in his right hand. A tree burns behind him. Sawyer and Miles approach the passed out Horace.]

MILES: Oh man.

SAWYER: Alright. Put out that fire and pick up this dynamite and I'll take him home.

MILES: Why don't you put out the fire, pack up and I'll take him home.

SAWYER: You want to tell Amy where we found him? [pause] Help me get him up.

[Sawyer and Miles lift Horace up from the ground. Switch to the front door of Amy's house. Sawyer has Horace over his shoulder and knocks on the door.]

AMY: Oh my God, is he okay?

SAWYER: You tell me.

AMY: Bring him inside.

[Sawyer carries Horace into the living room.]

AMY: The couch. The couch is fine.

[Sawyer plops Horace on the couch and Amy looks down at Horace. She is pregnant.]

AMY: Oh, where did you find him?

SAWYER: By the Flame blowing up trees with dynamite. Want to tell me why?

AMY: We had a fight.

SAWYER: Must've been a doozy.

AMY: Please Jim. It's personal.

SAWYER: Personal. Think this isn't gonna get out? You'll be on the coconut telegraph by breakfast.

AMY: [deep sigh] It was about Paul.

SAWYER: Go on.

AMY: Ugh, oh.

SAWYER: What's the matter? You okay?

[Sawyer stands up and Amy falls forward into Sawyer.]

AMY: Oh! The baby, it's coming! Oh!

[Sawyer helps her sit in an upholstered chair.]

SAWYER: Oh hell!


Three Years Earlier
[Switch to the island jungle. Sawyer, Juliet, Miles and Jin approach Daniel who is sitting and mumbling.]

DANIEL: I'm not gonna tell her. Don't even tell her.

SAWYER: [to Juliet] Where's Red?

JULIET: I don't know.

DANIEL: No, I won't do it. I won't tell her.

[Juliet walks over to Daniel and kneels on the ground to speak to him.]


DANIEL: Wha, wha….

JULIET: Daniel? [pause] You okay?

[Daniel shakes his head no.]

DANIEL: I'm not gonna do it. I'm not gonna tell.

[Daniel is quite upset and is sobbing.]

JULIET: Daniel, where's Charlotte?

DANIEL: [sobbing] She's not here. She [pause] she's gone.

JULIET: Where?

DANIEL: [crying] She's, uh, dead. She's dead. There's another flash. She was, she was gone. Um, her body just [sobbing] disappeared. [pause] She moved on and we stayed. [crying]

JULIET: I'm so sorry.

SAWYER: Hold on. Wait a minute. We stayed? We're not traveling through time anymore? You saying it's over?

DANIEL: Of course it's over. Wherever we are now [sigh] whenever we are now [long pause] we're here for good.

[Juliet and Sawyer try to grasp what Daniel is saying.]

DANIEL: Won't do it. Won't, not, I'm, I'm…


DANIEL: …not, I, I won't, …


[Juliet stands up. Daniel is still in a state of shock. Juliet walks over to Sawyer.]

SAWYER: Okay, swell. Until Dan checks back in I say we head back to the beach. When Locke gets back with everybody that's where they'll be looking for us.

MILES: The beach? What you didn't get enough flaming arrows shot at you? And your camp is gone. Why bother?

JULIET: Sawyer's right Miles. We should go back to the beach. We survived there before, we can do it again.

MILES: Or maybe when we get there you'll. you'll want to go back to the Orchid again and when that gets boring we can head back to the beach. It's the only 2 plans you people have.

SAWYER: Hey zip it! I am heading back to the beach. If our stuff's there great. If not, we build new stuff. You don't like the plan? Good luck.

[Sawyer walks into the jungle, headed for the beach.]

MILES: Who put him in charge?

[Juliet and Jin follow Sawyer. All 5 are now walking single file. Miles is up front juggling a stick. Jin and Daniel are side by side.]

SAWYER: [to Juliet] Thanks for getting my back for that whole beach issue.

JULIET: You should thank me. It was a stupid idea.

SAWYER: Well what does that say about you agreeing with me?

JULIET: Any plan is better than no plan. Besides, if I hadn't agreed with you, we'd still be arguing about where to go next. Let's hope we figure something better before we get there.

SAWYER: [deep breath] Well I'm open to suggestions.

[Juliet smiles. Suddenly the sound of 2 gunshots is heard. The group stops. Sawyer and Juliet cock their rifles and take aim in the direction of the sound. A woman is barely heard in the background crying out. The group moves to get a better vantage point.]

WOMAN: Oh, no [crying] No. No, Paul! Oh God. Oh God. No, please! We didn't know! Paul, please, please do something. No, no, no, no, no, no, no. We were just touring this park. We didn't need anything. We were just having…Paul. Paul, please. Oh my God. No, Paul. Please.

[The woman, 2 men standing and one lying on the ground com into view. One man takes a gun from the man on the ground. The other man puts a sack over the woman's head and she falls down to her knees.]

JULIET: Who do you think they are?

MILES: Who cares who they are? We don't even know when they are? [low voice] Hey Dan. We don't get involved, right? That's what you said.

DANIEL: It doesn't matter what we do. What ever happened, happened.

SAWYER: Thanks anyway, Plato. I'm going over there. [to Juliet] You still got my back?

JULIET: Absolutely.

[ Sawyer ducks behind the brush and makes his way to the men and woman. A man wearing a Dharma jumpsuit is lying on the ground unconscious. The woman has her hands tied behind her back and is being questioned. She and Paul were having a picnic. There is a blanket with food on it.]

WOMAN: [sobbing] Paul, Paul. Talk to me, talk to me Paul.

MAN: On your feet!!

WOMAN: [crying] No, I can't. I can't.

MAN: Come on, get up! Now!

[The woman is pulled up to her feet and the second man aims a pistol at her.]

SAWYER: Alright drop the gun!

[Sawyer aims at the man holding the woman. The second man switches to aiming at Sawyer. A gunshot is heard and the man with the pistol falls to the ground. Sawyer looks to find Juliet was the source of the gunshot. The man let's go of the woman, picks up a rifle and aims at Sawyer. Before he is ready, Sawyer shoots him. Sawyer and Juliet approach the woman who is standing, still tied and with a sack over her head. She is crying. Juliet picks up a handgun and so does Sawyer who then takes the sack off of the woman's head.]

SAWYER: It's alright. It's okay. You're safe. It's over.

WOMAN: [sobbing] Who are you?

[The woman is sitting next to the body of her companion and crying. Juliet is patting down one of the dead men.]

JULIET: Her friend is wearing a Dharma jumpsuit. Puts us in the 70's, 80's.

SAWYER: The guys with the bags, Others?

JULIET: Beats me.

SAWYER: What? You don't know each other?

JULIET: Before my time.

JIN: Sawyer. Walkie.

[Jin tosses it to Sawyer who catches it and adjusts the knobs.]

JULIET: We need to go.

SAWYER: I'm on it.

[Sawyer walks over to the woman.]

SAWYER: Listen sweetheart, we gotta get moving now.

WOMAN: [sobbing] Who are you people?

SAWYER: Our ship wrecked here on our way to Tahiti but it ain't important right now. 'Cause whoever is on the other end of this [walkie], those 2 might have given them a call before we saved you.

WOMAN: We have to bury them.

SAWYER: Bury them? We ain't got time to bury nobody.

WOMAN: Please, we have to. The truce [pause] Oh God we have to bury them. And we have [pause] we have [sobs] and we have to bring him [points to friend] back home. We have to bring Paul back with us. Please?

[Sawyer looks over to Juliet.]

WOMAN: Please? Please? Please?

JIN: I'll carry him.

[Woman nods yes with thank you in her eyes.]

SAWYER: Alright we put these guys in the ground and carry your friend back but we gotta do this fast.

WOMAN: He wasn't my friend. [pause] He was my husband.

[The group walks away from the scene. Jin is carrying Paul across his shoulders.]

SAWYER: Alright, listen up. When we get there, there's gonna be a lot of questions. Just keep your mouth shut and let me do the talking.

MILES: You really think you can convince them we were in a boat wreck?

SAWYER: I'm a professional. I used to lie for a living.

JULIET: Daniel! Stop!

[Daniel is standing in front of a tall pylon with a half disk on the front and back at the top. As the camera pans we see many of these pylons. Juliet walks over to the woman.]

JULIET: [sternly] Turn it off.

WOMAN: Turn what off?

JULIET: Whatever that is. It looks some kind of sonic fence or something.

WOMAN: Where did you say your ship was going?

SAWYER: Listen sister we are the one who just saved your life and hid those bodies. So how 'bout you trust us and turn that damn thing off.

WOMAN: Okay. Okay, fine.

[The woman walks to a pylon and squats down to reach a small box near the bottom. She presses a sequence of buttons, a beep is heard then she opens the front. She reaches in and takes something out hiding if from the group then closes the door.]

SAWYER: Sonic fence? I though I said let me do the talking.

JULIET: One more step and Daniel would have friend his brain.

SAWYER: His brain is already fried.

WOMAN: Okay it's off.

SAWYER: You first.

[The woman walks passed the pylons, nothing happens to her, then she stops. The group then starts to follow.]

SAWYER: Alright, let's go. Going forward we should all do a better job of trust….

[A high-pitched sound is heard. The group falls to the ground, grabs at their ears, and then passes out. We then see the woman take some sort of earplugs out of her ears.]


Three Years Later
[Switch to a hospital room. A doctor, Amy and Sawyer are present. The woman sits up screaming in pain. She is in labor.]

AMY: [screaming] It hurts! Oh!

DOCTOR: You're going to be okay. Just try and relax.

[Sawyer is on the other side of the draping. The doctor rushes to him.]

DOCTOR: Where's Horace? Does he know his wife's in labor?

SAWYER: He's unavailable.

DOCTOR: Look Amy is in a very dangerous situation. The baby's breech.

SAWYER: What does that mean?

DOCTOR: It's upside down. She needs a Cesarean.

SAWYER: Don't tell me about it. Just do it.

DOCTOR: I am an internist not an obstetrician Our women always deliver on the mainland. Amy was supposed to get on the sub on Tuesday. The baby is 2 weeks early.

[Amy is screaming from intense labor pains.]

SAWYER: Can you deliver this baby or not?

DOCTOR: [shakes head] I don't know.

[Sawyer rushes out of the room. He is seen running on a path thru jungle foliage. He stops and walks towards a Dharma area that looks like a vehicle workshop. We hear the sound of drills. Sawyer comes to a man who is working on a van.]

SAWYER: Where is she? [the man points]

[Sawyer walks to a van that is being worked on. Sparks fly from a cutting tool. As the person pushes out from under the van we see that it's Juliet.]

JULIET: What's up?

SAWYER: Amy's having her baby.


SAWYER: [pulls up Juliet] [whispers] Did you hear me? She's in trouble. The doc says she needs a Cesarean.

JULIET: We had an agreement.

SAWYER: Screw our agreement. He ain't never done one. I'm guessing you have.

JULIET: Don’t you understand that every time I try to help a woman on this island give birth, it hasn't worked.

SAWYER: Well whatever made that happen hasn't happened yet. You gotta try. You gotta help her. You're the only one who can.

[Juliet pushes her work gloves into Sawyer's chest and walks away angry. Sawyer takes a deep breath. Switch to the hospital. Juliet is all cleaned up and examining Amy's belly.]

JULIET: The baby's breech?

DOCTOR: Yes but…

JULIET: Did you try an external cephalic version?


JULIET: It's probably too late. I need a number 12 scalpel, 14 gauge sutures, half round if you got them and an epidural anesthetic.

DOCTOR: You're gonna need? [Juliet nods] Where's Horace?

SAWYER: I'm speaking for Horace now and I say she is delivering this baby.

DOCTOR: I don't think it's a good idea

AMY: I want her. I want her to do it.

SAWYER: [to doctor] You heard the lady.

[Sawyer glares and the doctor and he leaves to get what Juliet has requested. Sawyer walks over to Juliet.]

SAWYER: [to Juliet] Listen, you're gonna do great. I know you are.

JULIET: Okay, okay, shhhh. Okay.

[Juliet puts on a stethoscope to listen to Amy's belly sounds. Sawyer leaves the hospital room. Switch to outside the Infirmary. Sawyer is pacing. A voice is heard and he turns around.]

JIN: Is everything okay?

SAWYER: Amy went into labor.

JIN: I know. Is she okay?

SAWYER: I don't know. There's a problem. Juliet's in there.

JIN: Juliet?

SAWYER: Pulled her out of retirement. [pause] Any luck?

[Sawyer and Jin sit on a bench.]

JIN: We finished grid 1-3-3 today. No sign of our people, nowhere.

SAWYER: [exhales deeply] 1-3-4 then

JIN: How long do we look James?

SAWYER: As long as it takes.

[Juliet walks out of the infirmary. She is crying. Sawyer and Jin stand up.]

SAWYER: What happened?

JULIET: It's a boy.

SAWYER: He's okay? She's okay?

JULIET: [crying[ Everyone's okay.

[Sawyer's smile is beaming. He is very happy about Juliet's success, the baby and Amy. Switch back to 3 years earlier where Juliet, Sawyer, Jin, Daniel and Miles were knocked unconscious by the sonic fence. Sawyer is lying on a couch comes to slowly. He tries to get his bearings. Horace is looking down at him.]

HORACE: How's your head?

SAWYER: It hurts.

[Sawyer looks around and sees Horace leaning against a pool table.]

SAWYER: Where are my people?

HORACE: They're fine. Amy told me what happened in the jungle and I really appreciate what you did.

SAWYER: Y'all got a funny way of showing your appreciation.

HORACE: Look we have a certain defense protocol. There are hostile, indigenous people on this island and we don't get along with them. So, why don't you tell me who the hell you are?

SAWYER: My name is James LaFleur. You can call me Jim.

HORACE: How did you get to the island Jim?

SAWYER: If my friends are safe, why are you asking me all the questions.

HORACE: They told me I need to talk to you. That you're the boat captain.

SAWYER: We got caught in a storm. Our ship wrecked. Must've hit the reef. Thankfully we washed up on shore.

[Sawyer stands up and takes a glass of milk from the atop the pool table.]

HORACE: What kind of ship?

SAWYER: Salvage vessel. Searching for a famous lost wreck. It's an old slaver out of Portsmouth, England called the Black Rock. Ever heard of her?

HORACE: Can't say that I have.

[Sawyer sips some milk.]

HORACE: So once you got washed ashore why were you then wandering around in the jungle?

SAWYER: Some of our crew were missin'. We were looking for them. That's when we came upon your girl instead.

HORACE: Hmm. Well I tell you what Jim. [takes off his glasses] if you crew shows up we’ll send them along with ya.

SAWYER: Send them where?

HORACE: There's a submarine that leaves this island first thing in the morning. You, and your friends, are gonna get on it. It's gonna drop you off in Tahiti. [walks away] You can find your way home from there.

SAWYER: Hold on a minute chief.

[Horace stops and turns to Sawyer.]

SAWYER: We just saved that woman's life. Doesn't that earn us a week or 2 to find our people?

HORACE: Nope. The only people allowed to stay on this compound are members of the Dharma Initiative. And look, I don’t want you to take this the wrong way, please Jim, but you are not Dharma material.

[Horace leaves the room. Switch to outside. It is nighttime. Jin, Juliet, Daniel and Miles are sitting around a table.]

MILES: We're screwed. He's probably trying to explain time travel by now.

JULIET: Sawyer's gonna be fine.

MILES: What are you looking at?

JULIET: [pauses] I lived here for over 3 years. [pointing] That was my house over there.

MILES: You were in the Dharma Initiative?

JULIET: No. The Others took over these barracks and wiped out most of the people living in them. They brought me here on a sub a long time after that.

MILES: Well, welcome home.

JIN: Daniel. No more flash?

DANIEL: No. No more flash. The record is spinning again. [pause] We're just not on the song we wanna be on.

[The sound of a child is heard in the background.]

LITTLE GIRL: Mama, where's dad?

MOTHER: Come on, luv. [inaudible]

[The little red headed girl runs from her mother. She stops, turns and waves.]

DANIEL: Charlotte.

[Horace and Sawyer approach the table.]

HORACE: Hello. Someone will be along shortly to show you to your rooms. In the mean time, Mr. LaFleur here can fill you in on the situation.

[Horace leaves.]

MILES: Mr. LaFleur?

SAWYER: It's Creole. I improvised.

JULIET: What happened in there?

SAWYER: Well he believed my story But we’re getting punted. Bastard's putting us on their sub tomorrow and shipping us off to Tahiti.

MILES: How is that bad news?

[Suddenly a loud alarm sounds. Bright lights come on. People start to scramble. The group stands and looks around. People are talking all at once urging people to get inside their homes. Phil rushes to the group.]

PHIL: Inside! Move! Now!

[Phil and the group run towards a house and enter.]

PHIL: Heather, keep an eye on them.

[Heather nods yes. Phil leaves and closes the door behind him. Heather looks out the kitchen window. A man approaches the compound, carrying a torch. The group watches out a window. The man stakes the torch into the ground and continues toward the compound. As he gets closer and into the light, we see that it is Richard Alpert. Juliet closes her eyes and moment then looks at Sawyer.]

SAWYER: Uh oh.

[Horace opens a door and looks out at Richard who is standing still looking back at Horace. Horace leaves the house and approaches Richard.

HORACE: Hello Mr. Alpert.

RICHARD: Hello Mr. Goodspeed.

HORACE: I wish you would have told me you were coming. I would have turned the fence off for you.

RICHARD: That fence may keep other things out but not us. The only thing that does keep us out is our truce, Horace, which you have now broken.

HORACE: I don't know what you are talking about.

RICHARD: Where are my 2 men?

[Miles peeks out the window and sees Horace and Richard arguing.]

MILES: You know what, getting on that sub is starting to sound like a great idea. What do you say? Sub? Anyone?

SAWYER: Hold your horses Bonsai, no one is getting on a sub.

[Horace and Phil barge into the house.]

HORACE: Okay LaFleur. How well did you bury those bodies?

SAWYER: That depends on how hard he looks.

HORACE: [to Phil] Call the Arrow. Tell them we are at condition 1. Take the heavy ordnance and make sure the fence is at maximum.

PHIL: Yes sir.

SAWYER: Let me talk to him.

HORACE: Excuse me?

SAWYER: Your buddy out there with the eyeliner, let me talk to him.

HORACE: We had a truce with these people. You don't understand.

SAWYER: I understand I'm the one who killed his men and I'm the one to go out there and tell him why I did it.

HORACE: I can't let you do that.

SAWYER: It's a good thing I ain't asking your permission.

JULIET: James, are you sure you know what you're doing?

SAWYER: Not yet but I'll figure something out.

[Sawyer goes out to Richard who is sitting on a bench.]

SAWYER: Hello Richard.

RICHARD: I'm sorry. Do we know each other?

SAWYER: I'm the guy who killed your men.

[Richard looks at Sawyer confused.]

SAWYER: Heard gunshots. Saw 2 men throwing a bag over a woman's head. Gave them a chance to put down their weapons and walk away but one of them took a shot at me and I defended myself.

RICHARD: Is that so?

SAWYER: That's so.

RICHARD: Your people know you are telling me this?

SAWYER: They ain't my people hoss. If you have some kind of a truce with them, it ain't been broken.

RICHARD: If you're not a member of the Dharma Initiative then what are you?

[Sawyer sits on the bench with Richard.]

SAWYER: Did you bury the bomb?

RICHARD: Excuse me/

SAWYER: The hydrogen bomb with Jughead written on the side. Did you bury it?

[Richard looks at Sawyer in disbelief.]

SAWYER: Yeah I know about it. I also know that 20 years ago some bald fella limped into your camp and fed you some mumbo jumbo about being your leader, then poof. He went and disappeared right in front of ya. Any of this ringing a bell? That man's name is John Locke and I am waiting for him to come back. So still think I am a member of the damn Dharma Initiative?

RICHARD: No. Guess I don't. But no matter who you are 2 of my men are dead and my people need some kind of justice. What are we gonna do about that?

[Switch to back in the house. Paul is laid out on a bed., Amy is by his side. Sawyer and Horace walk over to her.]

HORACE: How are you doing Amy?

AMY: [sniffle] Is he gone? Alpert?

HORACE: No. He's not gone. We told him where the bodies were.

AMY: You told him? Why?

HORACE: We had to. Was the only way to maintain the truce. Jim here worked it out with him. Well he's gonna need something from us now. He needs to take Paul's body back with him.

AMY: [deep breath, crying] No.

HORACE: Hey Ames. It’s the… We've been friends a long time, yeah?

[Amy nods yes.]

HORACE: So this is completely your choice. If you don't want to give him to them then we will suffer the consequences

AMY: [long pause] They can take him. He would want to keep us safe. [crying] Can I have a minute please?

[Horace nods yes, gets up and walks over to Sawyer, giving Amy some privacy. She leans over Paul and picks up and takes a necklace from Paul's neck. It is a wooden Ankh on a leather string. She walks from Paul, passing Sawyer on the way.]

SAWYER: I'm sorry. [to Horace] Ya need some help?

HORACE: No, I've got it. Thanks.

[Sawyer walks away from Horace then stops.]

HORACE: Hey Jim, the sub leaving tomorrow morning, it returns in 2 weeks. Until then, you can stay and look for the rest of your crew.

SAWYER: Thanks.

[Sawyer leaves the house. Switch to Juliet sitting on a pier and looking out at the water]

SAWYER: Bought us 2 weeks. Horace says we can wait for the next sub. With any luck, Locke will be back by then.

JULIET: And then what?

SAWYER: What do you mean, "then what?"

JULIET: Locke said he was leaving to save us. Flashes have stopped. They're over. No more bloody noses. We are already saved. That sub behind you brought me here. I've been trying to get off of this island for more than 3 years and now I've got my chance. I'm going to leave.

[Sawyer lowers his head and exhales deeply.]

SAWYER: You do realize it's 1974. Whatever it is you think you're going back to don't exist yet.

JULIET: It's not a reason not to go.

SAWYER: Well what about me? You really gonna leave me here with mad scientist and Mr. I speak to dead people? And Jin, who is a helluva nice guy but not exactly the greatest conversationalist.

JULIET: You'll be fine.

SAWYER: Maybe. Who's gonna get my back?

[Juliet and Sawyer look at each other and smile.]

SAWYER: Come on. Just give me 2 weeks. It's all I'm askin'. Two weeks.

JULIET: [long pause] Alright, 2 weeks.

[Sawyer's smile is beaming.]


Three Years Later

[Sawyer is walking through the compound. He is clean-shaven. He stops and looks at some flowers. He picks a yellow sunflower. Switch to inside a house. The dining room table is set. There is a salad on the table and a bottle of Dharma Merlot. Sawyer enters.]

SAWYER: Mmmm. Something smells good.


[Juliet is cooking in the kitchen. She takes a pot of pasta and drains it in a colander. Sawyer waits and twirls the sunflower in his hand. Juliet stops and looks at him.]

JULIET: Is that for me?

[Sawyer walks over to Juliet and they put their arms around each other.]

SAWYER: You were amazing today.

[As they embrace, Sawyer chuckles.]

JULIET: Thank you for believing in me.


[They kiss, chuckle then kiss passionately.]

JULIET: I love you.

SAWYER: Hmm, I love you too.

[Switch to Sawyer sitting in a chair reading a book. Snoring is heard. Sawyer closes the book. He still has his glasses on.]

SAWYER: Wake up boss.

[Horace slowly sits up from the couch he was sleeping on. He holds his head and groans. He is hung-over.]


SAWYER: How's your head?

HORACE: It hurts. Ugh.

[Sawyer places the book on the coffee table and sits back in his chair.]

SAWYER: I got good news and I got bad news. Which you want first?

HORACE: Huh? Good news.

SAWYER: You're a daddy. Bad news is you missed it.

HORACE: [stunned] Oh gosh! Amy? She had the baby?

SAWYER: It's a boy.

HORACE: A boy?

[Sawyer smiles and nods yes.]


[Horace holds a glass of ice water to his forehead.]

SAWYER: How bout you tellin' me why you're too busy drinking and blowing up trees to see him be born.

HORACE: I was uh [drinks water] I was looking for a pair of socks and all of mine were dirty so I went to grab a pair of Amy's. I found this in back of her drawer.

[Horace holds an Ankh necklace and shows Sawyer.]

HORACE: It was Paul's.

SAWYER: You got into a fight over a necklace?

HORACE: I know but it's only been 3 years, Jim. Just 3 years that he's been gone. Is that really long enough to get over someone?

SAWYER: [pauses] I had a thing for a girl once [pause] and I had a shot at her, but I didn't take it. After a little while I'd lay in bed every night wondering, was it a mistake? Wondering. I never stop thinking about her. But now I can barely remember what she looks like. And her face is [pause] she's just gone. And she ain't never coming back. So [pause] is 3 years enough to get over someone? Absolutely.

[Switch to a couple lying like spoons in bed. The phone rings. Juliet turns on her belly and puts the pillow over her head. Sawyer leans over her to answer the phone.]

SAWYER: What? [pause] Wait. What? No, no. Don't bring em in. Just meet me in the north valley.

[Sawyer hangs up the phone and quickly gets out of bed.]

JULIET: Who was it?

[Sawyer puts on his glasses and takes a jumpsuit out of the closet. Juliet sits up in bed.]

JULIET: James. What's going on?

SAWYER: It was Jin.

JULIET: Everything okay?

SAWYER: Yeah, just, I gotta go.

[Switch to a blue jeep driving on rolling terrain. The jeep stops at the top of a ridge and Sawyer turns off the engine and gets out. A blue and white VW van pulls up to Sawyer. Hurley, and his guitar case, gets out of the passenger seat. Jack exits the seat behind Hurley. They are both dry. Sawyer takes off his glasses and stares at Hurley. Kate exits the van and stands between Jack and Hurley. Kate takes a long look at Sawyer. She is dry also. Sawyer takes a long look back at Kate.]


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